2013-2014 Workshops & Certificate Programs


Positive Participative Innovation (PPI)

PPI combines Design Thinking, Appreciative Inquiry, and Socio-Technical Systems principles to solve complex social system challenges while building a culture of innovation. This approach changes how we improve Human Systems: instead of focusing on obstacles and conflicts, PPI focuses on creating the futures we most want and need.
March 26-28, 2015


Professional and Personal Coach Certificate (PPCC)

The Professional and Personal Coach Certification (PPCC) program combines a strong grounding in the basics of coaching with ongoing experience-based supervision. Its unique features provide root knowledge and experience in the critical areas of coaching theory and practice.

September 2014 - May 2015



Team Effectiveness Coaching

Join us in this challenging journey of knowledge and skill development in team coaching. This program represents the fusion of two powerful systems for promoting individual, group and organizational change: coaching and teamwork. You will learn how to apply these synthesized bodies of knowledge within critical areas of your professional life.

April 22-25, 2015


Journey to Mastery

Elevate your coaching skills to the PCC credential level! This second module of our coaching program builds on expertise developed in the basic coach training. The curriculum covers elements of personal foundation related to coaching presence, interpersonal effectiveness and the behaviour patterns of an ICF-certified Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

May-September 2015 (8 classes)


Conflict Management and Resolution

The Conflict Management and Resolution program provides participants with the opportunity to explore the principles and frameworks in managing complex conflict situations. It aims to equip leaders and interveners with the capacity to appreciate, diagnose, and analyze different factors contributing to conflict, and to apply appropriate strategies and methods for resolution.

February 26-28, 2015

Human Interaction Laboratory - Residential Program

This Human Interaction Laboratory is a six-day (five night) residential program. Its unique experiential design consists of small and large group sessions whereby a semi-structured learning environment will assist you in developing your competencies in leadership and interpersonal communication.

May 24-29, 2015  

About the Centre

The Centre for Human Relations and Community Studies (CHRCS) is a community of practitioners, researchers, community members, students, and other learners dedicated to improving the quality of life in human systems.

The Centre provides faculty and students at Concordia University a necessary vehicle to carry on the working relationship with the community by providing learning experiences, training, consulting, research and publishing services to groups, organizations and individuals.



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